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The original X10T weighed 100g and measured 105,5 x 45 x 14mm. xDuoo XD10 Poke; Small but Powerful. Lieven already tried the X10T a few months ago and praised it. Some albums just sound better when played straight through and the Xduoo as of yet does not support gapless functionality. xDuoo released a new premium DAC AMP which can be used either in desktop mode or portably with mobile phones or digital audio players. The wheel or turn table feels cheap, but overall seems to be very well made.

XP-2 Pro – Left and right stereo not working 1 day, 13 hours ago; XP-2 Pro – Left and right stereo not working 1 day, 13 hours ago; XQ-50 Pro 2 days, 8 hours ago. However, the sound is more friendly in its presentation. xDuoo X10 Audio Player $ 173. 5 * 45 * 14mm Only a cigarette pack size, and the weight is only about 100g Compact and lightweight, very suitable to use with decoders All aluminum body Rugged and anti-jamming xDuoo X10T body material with aluminum alloy Beautiful and durable, meanwhile increase anti-interference ability AES balanced coaxial output. xDuoo X10T 2nd Generation Aptx Bluetooth Digital Turntable Lossless Portable Music Player xDuoo X10TII 2nd Generation Aptx Bluetooth Digital Turntable Lossless Portable Music PlayerDescriptionIPS High Definition All Sight Screen IPS High Clear View ScreenAdopts 2. ONE-YEAR WARRANTY! The firmware and response has proven to be very solid.

WAV, AL AC, AlFF and DXD HD lossless. 4-inch IPS high definition all sight screen, with clear and fine image quality. Venture Electronics REVIEW: MONK PLUS vs. In fact it is a digital transport and it acts as the source of the digital signal (the. Hard to find any reviews, ones I found in you tube are Russian (no help at all). xDuoo X10T II high performance digital turntable lossless music player 384KHz/32Bit 100% Brand New Declaration All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box. Looks very well made is not heavy although it has an aluminum casing and not too big(4.

Is it the best Mp3 player out on the market in. 90; xDuoo D3 Audio Player $ 79. The Xduoo X10Tii has a CNC aluminium alloy shell with matte surface and it measures 103,3 x 54,3 x 15,2mm. 90; xDuoo XP-2 Portable Bluetooth 5. 4-inch IPS high definition all sight screen, with clear and fine image quality, and facilitates the vision experience. So the new version is a bit bigger but it’s still small and light. A user manual and warranty card can also be found in the box, together with a couple of screen protectors and 5 rubber mini stick-on feet in xduoo x10t manual case you want to stack the X10T to your portable DAC and prevent it from scratching/moving around.

The X10Tii is a digital transport only. So I decided to jump in and by the xduoo x10 without any information about it. 90; xDuoo XD-10 Poke USB DAC Amp $ 249. The xDuoo X10Tii review unit that we’ll be using was sent by Linsoul Audio in exchange for an honest review.

It may not be a real upgrade over the X3 nor won’t it beat more expensive portable players in pure sound quality. Compare this Product. The xDuoo X10T II is the only one in its kind. 00; xDuoo X3 Mark II Lossless Audio Player $ 119. XDUOO X20 Portable HiFi MP3 Music Player The renowned Chinese company xDuoo continues to deliver on its promise by shipping the new xDuoo X20 HiFi player. XDUOO X10T II MP3 DSD2HKz/32Bit Bluetooth HiFi Digital Turntable Portable Music Player.

The included xDuoo X10 II Instruction manual is more of a pamphlet in nine common languages, and as a nice gesture, two screen protectors shields are included with the warranty card. 1 Lossless DSD HIFI DAP MP3 Music Player Red 3 reviews COD. Big promotion for xduoo: android bluetooth mp3 player mp3 player professional fiio x3 amp receiver x2 256gb mp3 player xduoo x10t ii xduoo 05 player Low price for xduoo: ak4490 player j2prime lenovo v5 dac mp3 player flac hifi player hi fi mp3 player player wav xduoo ta20 audio hi res Discount for cheap xduoo: dac usb dac mp3 player flash.

For Gearbest customers: If you&39;ve purchased the XDUOO X20 Portable Bluetooth HiFi Lossless MP3 Music Player from us, but the user manual doesn&39;t solve your issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 74 10% Off Xduoo X10T Ⅱ HD bluetooth Lossless Professional Digital Turntable Music Player DSD MP3 Player 1 review COD US9. I can’t point to another portable digital transport (if we exclude the first generation) and this makes it quite unique. We stock different models of Xduoo Audio Player and Xduoo headpones amplifier, such as: Xduoo X20, X10T II, X3II, X10T HD, NANO D3 music player and xduoo XD 05, XP-2, XQ-23 headphones AMP! 0 Headphone Amplifier $ 110. disclaimer: The X20 was provided by Xduoo and Xtenik for the purpose of this review.

Compared to an average Mp3 player, the xDuoo X10T II is an extremely flexible, handy, and while it’s a bit more expensive: the xDuoo X10T II is a fun audiophile level digital audio player with the ability to play and store 1000s and 1000s of high quality, and completely lossless audio files as well as broadcast custom equalized Bluetooth. Pairing the X10T as an input device was equally straight forward although I will admit the process was a bit more foreign so took longer to get going. The xDuoo X10T II Digital Audio Player comes with a 2. 00; xDuoo X2 Music Player $ 49. 00; xDuoo X20 Audio Player $ 243. So much it ended up in its buyer’s guide list!

Visit Apos Store: audio Buy xDuoo X10T II: io/x10tii-cr2 Please subscribe to us and give the. All in all, the xDuoo X10 is a very well built and easy to use portable player. Xduoo X10 is a high resolution audio player for audiophile,music lover It adopts the new audio architecture JZ4760B+AK4490, which give you a better sound quality Support formats: DSD 64 (up to 2. 90; xDuoo X2 Music Player $ 49. SUPPORT MAINSTREAM HD LOSSLESS MUSIC FORMATS Support DSF,DFF and ISO format, maximum support DSD256 Support FLAC APE.

8224MHZ) APE, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, WMA, ALAC (up to 192KHZ/ 24 Bit), OGG, ACC (Iphone, Ipod format), MP3. Given how many people use their DAPs or smartphones with an external DAC, however, the X10T II appears to be a better choice for them as it offers more connections and better. Characteristics: 1. Perhaps in due course it will become cheaper,. Have been using my unit for weeks now and have been enjoying it very much. 10 10% Off Xduoo X20 bluetooth 4. Thank you Apos Audio for sponsoring this video! xDuoo X10T-II is a high-performance turntable player with a support of mainstream HD lossless music formats DSF, DFF, ISO, FLAC, APE, WAV, ALAC, AIFF and DXD HD with the maximum bit-rate of 32Bit and sample rate up to 384kHz.

I eventually was able to setup the X10T as the Bluetooth to Coax converter and run the output into my Bifrost and then on to the Valhalla and HD800 and enjoyed listening. I am a big fan of the X10Tii so seeing what Xduoo has done with the X20 which combines the components of the X10T with a headphone amplifier was certainly of interest to me when Steven offered the X20 for review. The biggest drawback is the lack of gapless playback support. About xDuoo: xDuoo is a Chinese company located in ShenZhen, China and is specialized in production of Headphone Amplifiers, Hi-Fi DAC’s for PC, Desktop and Portable use and Portable Audio Players (DAP’s).

Today we’re looking at the Xduoo X10Tii, a digital transport and the successor of the X10T. No mention of a COAX cable in the XD-05 manual, but please correct me if I someone with the XD-05 know that the COAX was included in that box. XDuoo X10T II English Manual Home. I was not sure if it belonged to the XD-05 or the X10T, but looking into the included manuals, the COAX cable is called "3,5 mm recording line" (sic) in the X10T manual. MONK IEM plus VE cables! Add to Wish List.

The Xduoo X10 provides great hardware and excellent sound at a killer price but there are a few concessions it makes to the more expensive audio players. The novelty is not a cheap one – the segment is rather an average one, as they ask 5 for it. xDuoo X10T Professional Digital Turntable PlayerDescriptionWM8805, DSD, Ground isolation coaxi. The xDuoo X10T II is the only one in its kind. In all honesty, the optical and coaxial cable that come supplied are really good. xDuoo calls it a “digital turntable” – and this definition had me wondering what that meant for a while, before I had had a chance to try it. You will find great deals at HiFiGo.

4) to be released next month? It weighs only 130g. Chi-Fi Reviews 4,047 views. Help and Getting Started.

In Today&39;s video we will take a look at the XDUOO X10 MP3 Player and try to understand why this thing is so expensive! xDuoo X10T II Turntable Player $ 230. Now all we need to do is to wait for the matching xDuoo XD-5 PLUS portable DAC/amp (incl.

4-inch IPS high definition screen and various output interfaces like optical, coaxial, AEX, and USB. Thanks xduoo x10t manual for reviewing the X10T II. xDuoo believes otherwise with the release of their X10Tii, the 2nd iteration of their X10T which carved a niche of its own that the X10Tii hopes to strengthen.

Audio-Technica AT-LP7 Fully Manual Belt-Drive Turntable. xduoo x10t manual xDuoo is a very famous china based brand for audio equipments, they have best selling products like the xduoo x10t digital audio player, which supports optical audio output and various other products. IPS HIGH DEFINITION ALL SIGHT SCREEN Adopts 2. 4-inch IPS high definition all sight screen, with dear and fine image quality, and facilitates the vision experience. The X10T is a very specific device : a portable transport. My files are on a 400 GB card – also tested and confirmed by xDuoo – works flawless.

Introductions, Help and Recommendations Thread starter B9Scrambler; Start date ; post. I could not talk about the new xDuoo line-up, without a few words on the X10T II. As a result a lot in this info will be repeated if you’re already familiar with that review. Don’t mistake the Xduoo X10T or X10Tii with the Xduoo X10, the latter being xduoo x10t manual a portable music player. But it is an apt name for the xDuoo X10T II, as it really works like a turntable – but in the digital domain.

xDuoo X10T size: 105. It supports mainstream HD lossless music formats, APT-X format transmissions, car-play mode, and Hiby link function for the smart phones.

Xduoo x10t manual

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